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Modeling in Silwan + Car Getting Stoned – fiction and drama in the neighborhood

Posted in Uncategorized by Ruben Salvadori on May 6, 2011

After a long break from the blog while working on a documentary in southern Italy (coming soon), i’m back in Israel again; and again, some shots form a friday in Silwan. More and more disillusioned by photojournalism, all about drama, even when there’s nothing really dramatic going on.

The fiction for the cameras:

Modeling in Silwan

Now let’s turn the camera the other way and kill some drama…

And some facts:

The window of a car carrying the Israeli flag is crashed by a stone while crossing the Arab neighborhood of Silwan, East Jerusalem. May 6th

Medical personnel checks the wounds of a woman who, following the GPS navigator, drove through the Arab neighborhood of Silwan, East Jerusalem, and whose car got stoned. May 6th, 2011.

B: “You know what’s the conclusion of this thing? …Don’t trust your GPS”

Interesting to see how the images were used by the media to tell the story:

Arutz 7, Israel National News:

Israel Today Magazine:


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